Preparing the podcaster for the broadcast
A 21st century profession – sports podcaster

The 21st centThe 21st century has a computer ‘dynasty’ in its sights. More and more online professions are appearing in social networks, designed for specific target audiences. More and more sites for electronic games are appearing that simulate real-life sporting events. Now sport has also become virtual, and we present a profession for the 21st century – the sports podcaster.

New and unique professions are taking over the world. They are appearing everywhere, including in sports. Each of them is interesting in its own way. Anyone can learn a sporting speciality – the main thing is to have an interest, a talent and an inspiration. In the hands of a professional can do any job.

Many modern people prefer to watch video reviews and podcasts. Such informative content is very compact but reflects the main points and trends of matches and news.

A sports podcaster creates “synopses” of sports events and activities and also maintains his personal blog, using various channels to monetize unique content. The profession requires good knowledge of sports and media business, mastering of video and sound design and knowledge of virtual advertisement. A specialist watches matches, reviews, interviews with athletes, creating the right themes.

Podcaster - a profession for the 21st century

What sites podcaster use?

A podcaster uploads content to Youtube, Apple Podcasts, Tik Tok, CastBox, Google Podcasts, SoundStream and other services. He hosts live shows, skilfully creates sports content, promotes it and makes money. By combining content with advertising, participating in various shows and cooperating with online publications, the professional has an excellent additional income. There is no stable wage, because the person is self-employed.

Training is available through courses on the internet. Free video lessons can be watched separately. At the start of work, capital has to be invested for the purchase of equipment, a camera and software. To promote the original project, investments in advertising are required. All this can be done by someone who believes in success.

A professional must be motivated, communicative, hard-working and charismatic. He must have a high self-esteem, aspire to self-development and professional growth, have competent and clear speech, be able to work alone and in a team. Self-improvement is central to the job.

A sports podcaster is an excellent professional of the present and future. He puts the best moral and business qualities into his work, illuminating the world with sunshine. The profession is gaining momentum and will bring success to every new generation sports fan.