How to become a famous blogger
How to become popular on Instagram. 7 tips from famous bloggers

Instagram is a unique social network without trolls, Facebook nastiness and many other things. No one is used to complaining about life here. Depression and various problems are absent here. Everything is enveloped in rays of kindness and love.

Simple rules of popularity

Popularity on Instagram is sure to emerge when simple rules are followed.

Instagram: Simple rules of popularity

The public loves to be told personal stories. The golden ratio would be a third of it with useful information and two thirds with personal photos. A promoted page attracts subscribers by advertising.

Only fill the page with quality content.

There should be no place for shoddy content. Several takes must be done to get a quality picture. Photos that do not contain emotions, no one will be interested. Do not get carried away with trivial things. Present only something new and fresh.

Do not be fond of mass-following.

On Instagram, it’s a technique whereby, by subscribing to someone’s page, one hopes that they will reciprocate. There are services that automate this work. In this way achieve a conversion rate of 20%. But it’s better not to get carried away with it.

Regular posting of photos

You should accustom your subscribers to a certain schedule. Being popular also implies regularity. This is especially true for Instagram. You don’t want to force people to be in a constant state of expectation. You have to do all the time what they signed up for.

It’s hard to say what the schedule will be. Maybe it will be enough to publish posts once a week. At the same time, it’s possible that two times a week would not be enough.

Starting your own flash mobs.

But for this prerequisite is an active audience. Any action you run will look pale if no one is interested. If there is a feeling that no one will pay attention to the action, there is a high risk that nothing can be achieved.

Review all the work done

You need to monitor the progress of your page to increase its popularity. The number of followers is not the main metric to pay attention to. On a monthly basis, analyse the most successful posts. You need to find out if they share common traits. The posts that are the least popular are also taken into account.

Study the material in detail.

It is easy to get only the first likes. Further requires honing skills, learning new techniques. It is necessary to read domestic and foreign literature on these matters.

It is to be hoped that these tips will help a blogger gain popularity on Instagram.