How make money from a blog
How a newcomer can make money from a blog

A blog is a personal page where the author posts facts from their life or sticks to a particular subject in which they specialise or have expertise.

Ancient figures or people of the last century used notebooks or just paper. Today, however, many people prefer to tell everything on the Internet. It’s convenient, simple and gives you the opportunity to bring in an income.

What to write on a blog?

You should not forget that it is a personal page and you can write there anything that is of interest to the owner.

It can be ideas, your own thoughts, a story about a hobby, a product review or a reaction to an event in the world.

When hosting a page, there are some rules to follow:

1. It is not advisable to write about things in which you have no special knowledge or experience. 2.

It is best to avoid topics that deal with politics or religion. Yes, they can gain popularity, but there will also be those who disapprove and express negativity.

how to start your blog

Ways to make money on a blog

1. Affiliate program.

The idea is that the owner of the page talks about the product, and then users follow the link. It is for the number of conversions the author of the blog receives money. This method is well suited for beginners who want to monetize their personal page.

2. Developing your own products and services.

When the owner is an expert in a certain field and wants to teach others, he can develop his own courses or write a book. After that he can promote his own product and sell it.

In addition to services, you can also sell goods. These can be their own designs or collaborations with other companies. Many bloggers start making their own lingerie, suits and dresses.

3. Advertising.

By placing advertisements on the blog, the author can earn money for clicks or link clicks on a banner. It is also possible to collaborate with other bloggers and do mutual promotion with each other.

4. Selling the blog.

This method exists and is very popular. In one year, you can promote a project that will be worth a million rubles. You do not have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Why can’t I blog?

Most people may think it’s too easy, but others may find it too time-consuming and resource-intensive. So what are the problems with having a personal account?

1. High expectations. It can take a while for a blog to start generating income, and you need to be prepared for that. One will make their first money in a year, while the other won’t even get anything in two.

2. Loss of interest. Thousands of people quickly tire of monotonous work. All because in order to obtain results, you have to work every day, sometimes for months on end, doing the same thing.

3. laziness. Simply lazy to get up from the sofa, start studying the work, write posts and do it systematically. Unfortunately, a person does not take action until he or she is in a critical situation.

4. Blogging for yourself. An author who writes only his thoughts and does not rely on readers’ requests will not start earning money from his business for a long time. The point is that everything should be systematized, useful for the user and of interest to them.

As it is possible to notice earn on a blog it is possible and even necessary. Ways not thousands, but still there is on what to turn. These methods will suit both beginners and masters of their business. So, you can safely go, start a personal page and start monetising activities.