online earnings
Popular types of online earning in 2022

Not happy with your current income? Looking for ways to make money typing? If so, there are some real workable options online. Even with basic typing skills, you can find plenty of work from home with good pay. These ways are suitable for students, stay-at-home parents and people of retirement age.

Earning money from transcribing

Transcribing is a great way to make money online. This job requires listening carefully to different audio files and converting them into readable texts. The files can include anything from lectures, speeches and dictation to videos and movies. Most transcription tasks are simple and require no special skills other than good typing. But to transcribe medical or legal files, you need in-depth knowledge, training and an understanding of the industry.

Making money from a personal website or blog

Maintaining a blog or website is an additional form of income, suitable for people who like to write, share their musings. If you are ready to make yourself known to the world, you can make a video.

Blogging is not hard, especially if you have something to tell others about. Worry about pollution, have knowledge in a certain field of science, know how to sew or knit, share your experiences with others. All you have to do is create a website or a blog.

Beginners often hesitate and ask, “Why reinvent the wheel? After all, you can find a lot of different material online?”. Remember, every person is different. Everyone thinks differently. Be prepared for someone to be thrilled and someone to be unhappy. From the author of the blog is required only to convey the essence, to present the material, so that it was accessible and understandable.

And how do you make money? After the blog or website will be of interest to users. Will come advertisers who will offer to place a block of ads. Making money from advertising is the most popular. You will be paid to place advertisements on the pages of the website or blog.

How easy it is to make money on the internet

Earnings from online surveys

Online surveys are a simple way to make money. A huge number of companies conduct online surveys to get feedback. These companies hire people who are familiar with their products and can write honest feedback. When you search online, you can get a lot of these jobs and make money online by typing on a regular basis.

Cashback – a new kind of earning

A couple of years ago, a new kind of earning came online – earning cashback. The idea is that they accrue interest to the person who uses it.

Register on the service keshbekov, which offers two ways to earn money:

– Promoting the products of the partners of the kashback services.

– A referral programme, where you will receive up to 20% of purchases made by users who go to the partner website and purchase goods from them. In this way, earning cashback is a self-generated promotion.


Entering captchas is another excellent way to increase your income. Jobs involve solving captcha pictures that contain only 1-2 words. There are a lot of jobs in this field. Once you have one, you can solve captchas from the comfort of your own home and earn up to 6 euros an hour.

At the moment, the income is relatively low compared to other methods. However, decoding captchas has a free schedule, which allows you to dedicate one hour per day to your work.

It is the easiest kind of work at home where no knowledge is needed. It is enough to decipher the words correctly.


Email marketing has become an important way of growing a business. It involves writing and sending emails to specific audiences who may need their products and services. From start-ups to large corporations, everyone uses email marketing to drive sales. It is a significant industry with a chance to make money. You can harness this potential and take your income to the next level by sending out emails.

You just need to find a brand that is willing to acquire the expertise, compose persuasive emails and send them to the target audience. It is also possible to work for more than one company at a time.