Participation in paid surveys
Earnings from paid surveys on the internet.

The Internet has long been used not as an ordinary resource for entertainment – but as a place to earn an internal currency that can be converted into real currency as a student, as a person who is not going out to work, who needs extra income, who wants to earn an extra penny in his pocket.

A popular and simple method of earning money is by taking questions for small amounts of money.

Principle of paid surveys on the Internet

The first thing to do is to register on the site – to specify personal data, email address, password and the rest of the required information. Users will get a list of jobs, sorted by level of difficulty and time – short, medium, long. Longer test – more expensive.

Questionnaires are uncomplicated – they can be on anything from pet quizzes to serious social topics. Users spend around two to fifteen minutes for a medium difficulty task. The short quizzes are not limited to the workplace – they can be completed on the underground, on the way to work or school, on breaks, or during leisure time.

Why users get paid for surveys

Ordinary users, contrary to what most people think, do not design surveys, nor do they pay for them. Paid surveys are carried out by companies in order to collect information from certain groups of people, to find out the needs of the service provided, the average income of people interested in the product and other points important to the company in order to improve customer orientation. Companies know – the best way to ask users to take a test is to offer a reward in order to increase the motivation to take it.

Taking surveys benefits both the companies conducting them and the users. Both parties profit from it.

Advantages and disadvantages of taking paid surveys

The advantages of taking surveys compared to other methods of earning money:

1. Speed of completion. Unlike other Internet-based jobs – copywriting, design, management – surveys don’t take a huge amount of time – and are suitable for the laziest, busiest users. You can take one short test in the underground and earn money on it – it’s easy and fast;

It is impossible to make a mistake when carrying out the work. Working in other areas, it is possible to get certain conditions from the customer – the amount of work, quality, etc. In tests, the user only needs to express his personal opinion. In tests designed to provide information about the views of the people on a certain topic, no answers that are favourable to the organisation are required, but only answers based on life experience and attitudes of the world. Payment is made all the same;

3. Taking surveys is fun. In addition to the fact that it comes with a financial reward, it is always nice to get something for expressing your own opinion;

4. Helping your favourite companies. As surveys are created specifically to improve services or sell as many products as possible, users will be pleased to know that the few minutes they spend working will help the development of companies whose products participants may use in their everyday lives.

Like any job, taking surveys is not without its drawbacks:

1. Low pay. Obviously, the administration will not pay much for a small survey. You will not get rich by completing one or two surveys as the withdrawal is more than the average earnings for ten jobs – you need to work hard. If a user decides to replace real work with taking surveys, it’s a bad idea – work simply can’t pay for every need of a person. Surveys are more of a supplementary way of earning money than a full-time job;

2. A small number. Many sites that publish and pay for such activities suffer from a rapid decline in the number of surveys, updates can stop and not last for a long time. For example, ten out of ten submissions have passed – there are no companies offering to survey the population, and there are no plans to add more in the near future. It turns out that users will not be able to earn a penny. The situation creates a third minus;

Unstable income. All of the past factors – small payment and the amount of work, leads to the fact that you can not steadily get ten thousand a month at the expense of surveys – rather, on a weekday afternoon earnings more, on holidays – a couple of Euro.

Earnings on paid surveys

Top 14 sites that pay for surveys

Taking tests is easy, finding a trusted resource that isn’t run by scammers and makes a profit is difficult. Here are the top proven resources for paid surveys:

1. LifePoints. American site for the surveys, which holds cooperation with many countries in the world the payment is made by points (points). Registration is a filling of personal data (to personalize the passage) and will be paid with 10 points. In the points withdrawal there is a limit of 220 points for charity and coupons for svyaznoy, and 230 for withdrawal to PayPal. The average cost is 60 points. The site is a good example for those who want to earn more from surveys;

2. A popular resource in the Russian Federation with an additional application for more questionnaires. The polling costs on the average 0.25 euro cents, the withdrawal is from 12 euros to any online wallets, debit cards and phone number;

3. surveys. The maximum cost for a survey is €1, 44. A minimum of €5 to be withdrawn;

4. youThink. From the pluses – frequent updates of questionnaires and a gift of 1,12 €, if the profile and personal information is filled out on a hundred percent. The maximum amount is 100. Withdrawal is carried out to any online wallets and debit cards;

5. My Opinion. Feature of the questionnaire consists in that payment is made by money, their conclusion to the personal account is impossible, but there is an opportunity to spend the earned money from the passed on the goods from sponsors, the list is accessible for viewing in the catalogue on a site. The cost of the survey is small, not exceeding 25 eurocents, because of this payment for expensive goods can be accumulated for a long time;

6. Paid Survey. The max cost is 60 euro cents, with an update every couple of weeks. The withdrawal is available for the PayPal account starting from 3,5 euros;

7. The Panel Station. Job updates are less frequent, up to a maximum of 6 euros. Minimal withdrawal is 3,50 euros to cards and PayPal wallet;

8. RublKlub. Payment for the completion of a personal profile is 1,80 euros. The maximum cost per survey is 60 eurocents. Surveys are updated up to ten times a month. The minimum withdrawable amount is 9,00 Euros;

9. Questionnaire. Updates are infrequent, the maximum value of one question is 1,2 euros. Withdrawals can be made from as little as 6 euros to an online wallet, credit card or phone number. Payment can be made not only in real money, the resource offers payment points, which can be spent on coupons for purchases or discounts in online shops, cash rewards. The service also gives away money for passing intellectual quizzes, in which everyone can take part;

10. Marketagent. A foreign resource, which also has a mobile application. The polls are not updated often, the maximum payment for one poll is 250 points. One point equals one euro. The withdrawal comes from 800 points;

Opinion. The minimum withdrawal of 100 points is a plus. 100 points equals 12 eurocents. Having completed one survey, it is possible to withdraw money without accumulating large amounts;

12. BigPoll. You get ten euro cents for a fully designed page. The maximal price for a survey is sixty eurocents. You can withdraw a minimum of 6;

13. Questionnaire. The maximum amount per survey is -0.60. Frequency of receipt and payment depend on a good rating, which is earned by completing all the work for which the administration sends invitations, and responsible completion of tasks, that is, responding not as if they were, but with thoughtfulness. One of the rare resources that sets ratings that give benefits;

14. Anketeer. The most important minus – the minimum amount for a withdrawal of money – 24 euros. Work comes infrequently.

How to raise earnings from surveys

A user gets little by faithfully earning by using one site – it’s better to register with five resources. The demand will increase, the number of offers to pass, following from this, and the income.

For frequent job updates, fill out your profile completely, the scale should show one hundred percent. So the administration will be favourable to the user – and orders will come and go more often than the average person with partially or completely missing data from the profile. It’s also best to evaluate what you’ve done at the end – this also has a significant impact on the number of tests you receive.

Respond to suggestions promptly. Postponing a pass will result in the administration deleting the request, as most are designed for 1,000 or more people.

We conclude that this type of earning is not a difficult way. Does not bring large sums, if you do not listen to the instructions given above. The most important thing is to look for resources that pay more, and not to spoil the internal rating on the site by lying in the questionnaire, lack of response to invitations, rare visits.