Browser games - additional income
Browser games that generate income

In the age of the Internet, it’s easy to find both basic and extra income. Today we’ll tell you how to earn extra income with pleasure while playing simple and interesting browser games.

Top 5 the most lucrative browser games

1. Super Wings

Super Wings is a mobile economic game. You can act as a pilot of an aeroplane in this game. That would start earning in the game, you must be logged in and only after that you have a hangar and the first plane. You can buy your own plane from one of 30 models. Each aircraft purchased brings its owner a certain amount of income. Net earnings range from 25 to 50% per month.

The platform has some very useful extras that will allow you to enjoy the game and feel like a real airline owner:

  • Layout plans.
  • Not only civil but also military aircraft
  • Transparent statistics

Also the app offers to take part in various contests for increasing your personal funds.

Income from browser games

2. Fish Day.

Anyone who loves fishing, can not part with it ever. In this game, the nibble is ensured for each player, as the bait is made by special order. Players will receive bonuses to make purchases. Each month the player will receive 22 to 40% of their starting capital. It is only possible to withdraw funds when the deposit has a minimum of 35 eurocents. It is also possible to earn money in the game by inviting friends and acquaintances to Vitrual Fishing.

3. Taxi Money

Taxi Money is a multiplayer online project, which helps to earn money quickly and efficiently. In the game you need to buy a car, and then engage in transportation of passengers slightly reminiscent of the principle of the game Mafia with the distribution of people in a taxi. The game can be started without an initial investment. The amount of net income ranges from 25 to 45% per month.

4. Drift.

In the game you need to create your own car empire of sports cars with powerful engines. In particular, you will need to purchase cars. Income from the game is 26-38%. After registering, the player will be given a Hyundai Solaris car for 119 euros as a bonus. It is also possible to start earning without any starting capital.

5. Astella Money

Astella Money was released in 2019 and has earned a reputation for reliable and stable income. A fantasy game with returns of up to 100% per month and plenty of bonuses. Assemble a squad of heroes of different classes – wizards, paladins, mages and other fairy archetypes, then send them on a quest for treasure cards. The cards you win have a real money value and are easily convertible to euros.